Overcoming Wound Care Obstacles

Overcoming Wound Care Obstacles
Fri, 01/20/2023 – 09:50

FEBRUARY IS OVERCOMING WOUND CARE OBSTACLES MONTH For this month’s WoundSource Practice Accelerator series, we are providing education on a variety of topics related to overcoming challenges in wound healing. Scroll below to read this month’s white paper and articles, to print out our quick fact sheet, and to sign up for this month’s webinar. 

February 2023

Conquering Variation in Wound Management and Analysis

Determining wound size during the initial assessment and at intervals throughout the healing trajectory can show whether a product or protocol is working effectively or, when healing stalls, whether it is time to reconsider the care plan. Not all wounds benefit from advanced measurement methods, and no single measurement technique has been deemed the gold standard. This white paper is an in-depth look at evidence-based, best practice wound measurement techniques and advances.

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How to Leverage Technology to Improve Patient Education and Outreach

This webinar will look at the best practices in using technology to enhance patient learning and engagement. The speaker will present case studies where patient engagement was increased through the use of technology and, as a result, was able to facilitate the best outcomes for them.

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Jeanine Maguire, MPT, CWS

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