Woundcare.ie is a new Irish wound management, education and information resource website for healthcare practitioners who’s work involves the care and management of wounds.  The Mission of Woundcare.ie is to share current evidence based expertise across the key aspects of wound management in order to assist practitioners in making more informed decisions on treatment choice, leading to  improved healing outcomes and patient experience.

What To Expect in the coming Months

A Unique irish Perspective

Our goal at Woundcare.ie is to provide a uniquely Irish perspective on all aspects of Tissue Viability and Wound Management and provide a platform and forum for the many very experienced wound care experts and practitioners in ireland to both share knowledge and experience and leverage the resources within the wound care community to improve the overall standard of practice and healing outcomes for patients.

Keeping A Finger On The Pulse Of Modern Wound Care

We will keep you up to date with all wound related News & Events information both locally and internationally.  With Dynamic RSS Feeds from all leading wound care resource websites and forums.  Providing you with immediate links and access to the latest developments in Technology, Research and Clinical Practice.

Clinical Focus

On a continuous basis we will be adding new sections to Woundcare.ie.  Each ‘Clinical FOcus’ section will provide a practice based overview of key aspects of wound management which will include topics such as:

  • Wound Hygiene & Cleansing
  • Wound Assessment
  • Pressure Injury Prevention & Care
  • Venous Leg Ulceration
  • Dressing Selection
  • Nutrition In Wound Care
  • Lymphoedema
Each ‘Clinical Focus’ section will aim to outline the most up to date evidenced based approaches to care, supported by relevant published data, studies and clinical consensus documentation

'What The Experts Say'
Sharing Expertise!

As part of each of our ‘Clinical Focus’ topics, there will be a presentation by a local expert from the Irish Tissue Viability Community providing experienced insight into the Theoretical and Clinical issues surrounding a given wound care topic or condition and its challenges.  The goal of which will be to provide practitioners with with a framework and practical principles or tools that can be easily adopted into their own day to day wound management activities.